The Concept

In modern music production sequencing is a set phrase for editing beats and notes in a virtual rhythm grid. The sound installation MOTORCHESTRA takes up this structural concept and transfers it to an analogue steampunk world. Soundprocessing becomes haptic and regains a real pulse. In between circuit-bending, hardware-hacking, reverse engineering and live music it is the designated aim of the ensemble to charm dubby electro sounds out of the mechanical machine parts. During the concert, man and machine merge to an organic symbiosis.
For this hour it doesn’t matter if your heart is beating or rotating.

MOTORCHESTRA is the result of Jasper’s dive into electromechanic acoustics for almost 2 years. After constructing the machine he was able to acquire a great team out of very heterogeneous working fields. The different artistic experiences of the ensemble members ensure a broad range of ideas and a continous development of shows. A basic concept is to create a variety of modules to act flexible in different setups, contexts and locations.


MOTORCHESTRA is a co-production of Jasper Diekamp and studiobuehnekoeln.